August 13, 2022


Our team at The Canadian Hearing Institute is invested in the hearing of Wallaceburg residents and helping them overcome their hearing loss difficulties. We are dedicated to bringing back the day-to-day sounds to your life by helping you hear distinctly.

Hearing Loss Categories

Conductive Hearing Loss: When quieter sounds become more difficult to hear and ambient noise becomes diminished, this could indicate a conductive hearing loss condition. This is the result of sound not being conducted efficiently through the outer ear canal to the tiny bones (ossicles) of the middle ear. Often medication or surgery for conductive hearing loss can correct the problem.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss: When there is damage to the inner ear (cochlea), or to the nerve pathways from the inner ear to the brain, sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) may occur. Most often, SNHL hearing loss cannot be corrected medically or by surgery. In Wallaceburg, residents experience SNHL as the most common permanent hearing loss condition.

Sensorineural hearing loss can make it difficult to follow conversations when two or more people are talking. Other people’s speech may seem slurred or mumbled.

Mixed Hearing Loss: At times, a combination of both conductive hearing loss and sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) occur together. This results from damage in the outer or middle ear, and damage in the inner ear (cochlea) or auditory nerve, of the same ear. A ‘mixed hearing loss’ condition is the term for this occurrence.

Are you tolerating hearing loss and living close to Wallaceburg, Ontario?

Have you noticed a change in what you can hear? Do you often ask others to repeat themselves? Do you find yourself needing to turn up the TV or radio volume?

We understand that hearing loss is frequently ignored because it happens little by little. Our Wallaceburg clients often suffer from hearing loss unknowingly until they stop communicating and withdraw from family, friends and social situations due to inability to understand what others are saying. With our free hearing test, available to Wallaceburg residents, we can determine the extent of your hearing ability and the extent of hearing loss. When hearing loss has been established, we will developed a treatment plan to accommodate your lifestyle, budget, and wishes.

If it’s time for you to have a hearing test, local to Wallaceburg, contact our clinic today to book your hearing loss appointment.

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