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Hearing Aid Clinics in Chatham-Kent

The Canadian Hearing Institute provides custom hearing aid sales and service throughout Chatham-Kent, Ontario. We are committed to bringing back the sounds of your life with clinics located in Chatham, Wallaceburg, and Tilbury. A complimentary hearing test with state of the art audiometric equipment will allow us to evaluate your hearing loss and provide the best hearing aid solution for your needs. We also provide a complete range of competitively priced hearing aids, repair services, cerumen removal, assistive listening devices and both swimming and noise protection devices, as well as assistance with Tinnitus throughout Chatham-Kent.


Hearing Aid Styles

Are you experiencing hearing loss?


  • Ask others to repeat themselves?
  • Turn up the radio/television to a level others find too loud?
  • Have difficulty following a fast-moving conversation?
  • Have trouble hearing while on the phone?
  • Struggle to hear women’s and children’s voices?
  • Feel like people are unclear or mumbling?

A professionally installed custom hearing aid might be the best solution. Our Chatham-Kent hearing specialists will first need to test your hearing to establish the extent of your hearing loss.

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