With proper maintenance and care, your hearing aids will provide years of effective better hearing. Your hearing loss may continue to advance, but the use of properly fitted hearing aids can help slow this down the by stimulating your hearing processes through amplification.

In the unlikely event your hearing aid requires servicing and/or repair, the specialists at The Canadian Hearing Institute are equipped to resolve a variety of maintenance issues. In most cases we will make repairs on-site. In fact, we frequently find that your hearing aid requires only a minor service – and we can accomplish that while you wait! We also do routine cleaning of all major brands of hearing aids as part of our commitment to keep your hearing aids working their best.

However, if we are unable to make repairs on-site, we work with all major hearing aid manufacturers to repair your devices quickly and affordably. In certain cases, we can provide you with a temporary hearing aid while you wait for your own to be repaired and returned.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.