November 12, 2022


While many of us are familiar with the term tinnitus, and be aware that it’s a ringing or buzzing sound within the ear, it may come as a surprise that it affects about 10-15% of the population. It may be interesting to know that your environment, if quiet, may make the effects of tinnitus seem more pronounced.

Patients with tinnitus symptoms, who are residents of Tilbury, can count on the Canadian Hearing Institute to provide the relief and counseling that will ensure careful management of their Tinnitus condition.

What can cure my Tinnitus?

The Tilbury area patients that we have evaluated, have noticed their tinnitus condition to be much improved and more controllable. However, there is no cure for tinnitus at the present time. Management of tinnitus can be achieved with a number of effective methods which help to screen out the noise caused by the tinnitus condition, such as tinnitus masking devices, or Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT).

What is the cause of Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is often caused by exposure to loud noises. Hearing protection can be an important intervention. If you are around a noise that is so loud you cannot speak at a normal conversational level, you need to protect your hearing. This may mean moving away from the noise source, or wearing ear plugs, or turning the volume down. When tinnitus is accompanied by some hearing loss, a hearing aid may be helpful.

Who can provide the help I need?

There is help available to manage your tinnitus. We provide free no-obligation hearing tests to Tilbury residents where we can assess the extent of your tinnitus. Then, we can establish an appropriate hearing device or suitable aid to help soften the effects of tinnitus. If you are in need of tinnitus management, please contact one of our local hearing clinics to schedule your free tinnitus consultation without delay.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.