January 8, 2022


It is a matter of pride to us to offer Phonak hearing aids for clients in the Ridgetown area. Through having witnessed the profound impact that the quality of a patient’s hearing has on his or her independence, and interest in social involvement, we have chosen Phonak, the makers of some of the highest quality hearing aids, to place our trust.

Residents of Ridgetown and surrounding areas, who are ready to let a Phonak hearing aid restore their lifestyle, can count on our helpful hearing instrument technicians to find the ideal Phonak hearing aid to turn back the clock on your hearing.

Can you predict the life span of a Phonak hearing aid?

Most Phonak hearing aids have a three to five year longevity if cleaned regularly and protected from moisture. For additional servicing or repair, our experienced technicians at the Canadian Hearing Institute can solve most Phonak hearing aid technical problems.

We have the skills and experience to resolve a variety of maintenance issues and typical repairs to your Phonak hearing aid can be accomplished in our hearing aid clinic in Chatham-Kent. More often than not, we find that Phonak hearing aids require only a minor service – which we can frequently complete without delay.

Ridgetown Phonak hearing aids made easy

With new hearing aid technologies being developed all the time, it can make choosing the best hearing aid for your needs a daunting process. We are happy to keep up with the latest advancements in Phonak hearing aid devices for you. When you schedule a complimentary, no-obligation hearing test with us, we can determine the current state of your hearing loss and establish which hearing devices will provide the best correction. Our expert hearing specialists will review the status of your hearing and suggest Phonak hearing aid options that will be the most beneficial.

If you are a resident of Ridgetown, you can have the hearing aid assistance you need just by contacting our local hearing aid clinic today, to book your free consultation.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.