January 8, 2022


Phonak hearing aids are products we are proud to provide to Leamington area residents who have realized that their self-sufficiency and interest in socializing has diminished along with their hearing ability. As the manufacturers of the finest quality hearing aids, Phonak is a brand that we trust, and you can too.

Those who live in and around Leamington and wish to reclaim a more active life with a Phonak hearing aid, will enjoy the careful attention of our friendly hearing instrument technicians who help you identify the ideal Phonak hearing aid to improve your hearing.

How long can you expect your Phonak hearing aid to last?

When you clean your device regularly and protect it from moisture, your Phonak hearing aid can have three to five year life expectancy. If your Phonak hearing aid requires additional servicing or repair, our experienced technicians at the Canadian Hearing Institute can solve most problems.

Our hearing aid clinic in Chatham-Kent can accomplish the minor service that is typical for Phonak hearing aids, usually without delay.

Phonak hearing aids made effortless for Leamington

New hearing aid technologies are being developed all the time. This can make choosing the best hearing aid for your needs a bit daunting. Luckily, we keep up with the with the latest Phonak hearing aid advancements for you. It’s as simple as booking a free, no-obligation hearing test with us to establish the degree of your hearing loss. From that point, we can establish which hearing devices will provide the best hearing correction. When our hearing specialists review the state of your hearing, they can suggest which of the Phonak hearing aid options available to you could offer the greater benefit.

If you are a resident of Leamington, the hearing aid assistance you need may be just a phone call away. Please contact our local hearing aid clinic today, to book your free consultation.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.