January 8, 2022


As the proud provider of Phonak hearing aids to residents of Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas, we understand the profound impact the quality of your hearing has on your independence and interest in social participation. We put our trust in Phonak, who manufacture some of the most exceptional hearing aids available to you today.

Individuals living in the Chatham-Kent vicinity who are considering acquiring a Phonak hearing aid, will find our friendly hearing instrument specialists well prepared to assist you with finding the optimal Phonak hearing aid for your specific hearing condition.

What is the life expectancy of a Phonak hearing aid?

It will take only simple, regular maintenance to make your Phonak hearing aid last from three to five years. Most servicing and/or repair on your Phonak hearing aid can be accomplished by the technicians at the Canadian Hearing Institute. We have the skills and experience needed to resolve an array of typical maintenance issues.

Common repairs for your Phonak hearing aid can be completed at our Chatham-Kent hearing aid clinic. Frequently, Phonak hearing aids require only a minor service, usually completed while you wait.

Phonak hearing aids made easy for Chatham-Kent

New hearing aid technologies are being developed continuously and this can make choosing the best hearing aid option more than a little baffling. Luckily, you have our support to keep up with the latest hearing aid innovations. By booking a free no-obligation hearing test with us, the extent of your hearing loss can be established and we can determine the most suitable Phonak hearing device for your situation. Expert hearing specialists can plan a course of action based on the state of your hearing, and propose the ideal Phonak hearing aid selection for you.

If you live in or around the Chatham-Kent area, contact our hearing aid clinic to schedule your free consultation today.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.