January 8, 2022


We are very proud to offer residents of Blenheim and surrounding regions exceptional Phonak hearing aids. Often a patient’s autonomy and interest in socializing has diminished along with the quality of their hearing, so we put our trust in Phonak, who are the makers of some of the highest quality hearing aids available.

If you live in the Blenheim area and are contemplating a hearing aid by Phonak, you will be pleased with the care provided by our hearing instrument specialists who will help you find the Phonak hearing aid that provides the most benefit for you.

How long do Phonak hearing aids last?

The life expectancy of a Phonak hearing aid is predicted to be from three to five years with regular cleaning and maintenance. If you find your Phonak hearing aid needs servicing or repairs, the Canadian Hearing Institute have expert technicians who can resolve an assortment of technical difficulties.

Typical repairs to your Phonak hearing aid can be accomplished in our clinic in Chatham-Kent, where we can also perform minor, immediate service to your Phonak hearing aid.

Effortless Phonak hearing aids – Blenheim

There is no need for you to know all the latest hearing aid technology to choose the best hearing aid for your needs. We keep current with the continuous development of Phonak’s hearing aid advancements so when you come into our hearing clinic, you can trust us to be up-to-date. You need only schedule a free, no-obligation hearing test with us to determine the state of your hearing loss. From there, we can establish an appropriate hearing device for your needs. You can rely on our hearing specialists to plan the most beneficial course of action for you, based upon your hearing test results and available Phonak hearing aid options.

If you live in the Blenheim vicinity, and are in need of hearing aid assistance, please contact our local hearing aid clinic to book your free consultation today.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.