August 13, 2022


Our team at The Canadian Hearing Institute is invested in the hearing of Belle River residents, we can provide the vital hearing test that you require.

The clinical method used to evaluate a person’s hearing capability, is an ‘audiometric test’ or hearing test. Committed to bringing back the sounds of life, we want you to hear everyday sounds clearly. The importance of providing accurate hearing tests to determine the extent of your hearing loss, and the direct impact the quality of your hearing has on your general well-being is something we truly understand.

Thorough Hearing Tests for Adults

Are you concerned your hearing may have changed? Does the TV or radio always seem to need more volume? Are you asking people to repeat things more often than you’d like?

It happens so gradually that hearing loss frequently goes unnoticed, leaving many of our Belle River clients suffering from hearing loss unknowingly. They often blame something else when they stop interacting with family and friends, and withdraw from social situations. Often it is because they can’t understand what others are saying. To assess the extent of your hearing capability, we provide complimentary hearing tests to residents of Belle River and determine the extent of hearing loss. When your hearing has been evaluated, we can create a suitable treatment plan to accommodate your wishes, budget, and way of life.

Accurate Hearing Tests for Children

Children can be most affected by hearing loss, influencing a child’s ability to develop the skills needed for communication, language, and social interaction. However, the earlier a child with hearing loss is evaluated, the greater his chances to reach his full potential. If you suspect, as a parent, your child is experiencing hearing loss we encourage you to trust your instinct and speak with us to book a hearing test at your earliest opportunity.

Belle River’s Trouble-free Hearing Tests

“Hearing loss affects about 15% of the population,” says Ted Dalios. “It not only affects the person losing their hearing but their friends and family as well. Hearing loss often starts with missing the S, T, or K sounds in speech and it may sound as if others are mumbling. While this may seem like a rather small thing, it raises frustration levels and can have a large impact on overall communication”.

Clients local to Belle River, Ontario, can call our clinic today to schedule your hearing test appointment.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.