April 21, 2022


Hearing Doctors, or Audiologists, are expert healthcare professionals trained to determine the health of your ears. Their skills include the diagnosis, treatment and repair of auditory ailments. Hearing loss affects many people in the Chatham-Kent area, and is not exclusively a problem related to aging.

Conditions ranging from Tinnitus to permanent deafening are handled with skill, care and compassion. Hearing doctors frequently council friends and families through the diagnosis and treatment stages while providing valuable management strategies for everyone involved.

Reasons to see a hearing doctor – Chatham-Kent

If you think your hearing level may be changing, expert hearing doctors near Chatham-Kent will screen you to decide the severity of your condition, and proceed with a treatment plan. Regular review of your ear health can track any decrease in your hearing ability, and if your symptoms become more serious they can determine if you require a hearing aid device. Hearing doctors nearest to the Chatham-Kent area will help you through all stages of hearing impairment.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

Hearing aid specialists in the Chatham-Kent area are not the same as an audiologist or hearing doctor. Also known as a hearing instrument specialist, they can work with patients to gauge the level of hearing loss and decide on the best device to benefit their life. Young and old can experience some sort of deafness, with causes ranging from disease, to injury to the natural aging process.

Statistics estimate over 30% of those between 65 and 75 are affected by a hearing impairment, and more than 50% of those over the age of 75 deal with a loss of hearing.

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