February 11, 2022


The hearing clinic team at the Canadian Hearing Institute, is fully committed to providing Tilbury residents the very latest in electronic hearing aid advancements. All of our patients receive personalized service, and hearing aids that are tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Full hearing clinic services

The Canadian Hearing Institute, is a hearing clinic dedicated to providing finest hearing aids and hearing aid repair, and more. As a complete hearing health care provider, we help you hear TV and audio systems more clearly with assistive listening devices (ALDS), and help preserve lifelong hearing health with protective devices for swimming, and excess noise exposure.

Encountering hearing loss?

Hearing loss frequently goes unnoticed and because it happens gradually, many of our Tilbury residents who are suffering from hearing loss are in denial. They often stop communicating and withdraw from family, friends and social situations because they can’t understand what is being said.

In order to assess the extent of your hearing capability, our hearing clinic provides complimentary hearing tests to residents of Tilbury to determine the extent of hearing loss. When your hearing test has been evaluated, we can create an appropriate treatment plan for your needs, lifestyle and budget.

If it’s time for you to have a hearing test, and you are local to Tilbury, Ontario, contact one of our hearing clinics today to book your hearing loss appointment.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.