February 11, 2022


You will discover that Canadian Hearing Institute hearing clinic is a contemporary, up-to-date facility providing Leamington area residents with electronic hearing aids that have the very latest developments and features. Our team is dedicated to select and customize the ideal hearing aids to meet the specific needs of each respective client.

More than a hearing clinic

At the Canadian Hearing Institute, we are even more than a hearing clinic. We are a complete hearing health care provider. You can expect the finest hearing aids and hearing aid repair, as well as protective devices for swimming, and excess noise exposure. For your convenience, we also offer assistive listening devices (ALDS) to help you hear TV and audio systems more clearly.

Are you experiencing hearing loss?

We understand that hearing loss is frequently ignored because it happens little by little. Our Leamington clients often suffer from hearing loss unknowingly. When they no longer understand what others are saying, they may stop communicating and withdraw from family, friends and social situations.

With a free hearing test at our hearing clinic, available to Leamington residents, we can determine the extent of your hearing ability and consider the extent of hearing loss. When hearing loss has been established, we will develop a treatment plan to accommodate your lifestyle, budget, and wishes.

If you are local to Leamington, Ontario and need a hearing test, please get in touch with hearing clinics to plan your hearing loss appointment without delay.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.