February 11, 2022


Our team at The Canadian Hearing Institute utilizes our state-of-the art hearing clinic to offer Blenheim residents the most current hearing aid features and advancements. The electronic hearing aids we provide are personally selected and customized for each patient, with optimal hearing improvement our objective.

Your complete hearing clinic

Not only is the Canadian Hearing Institute a hearing clinic, it’s your complete hearing health care source. You can count on us for hearing aids and hearing aid repair, as well as assistive listening devices (ALDS) to improve your ability to hear TV and audio systems. If you need ear plugs for swimming, or to block excess noise exposure, we offer these protective devices to help preserve your hearing.

Are you tolerating hearing loss?

The loss of hearing is often so gradual that it goes unnoticed. Many of our Blenheim clients frequently deny the ongoing effects of hearing loss. When they can’t understand what is being said, they often stop communicating and withdraw from family, friends and social situations.

We are happy to assess your degree of hearing ability at our hearing clinic, with our complimentary hearing tests for residents of Blenheim. When your hearing test has been evaluated, we can develop an appropriate treatment plan suitable to your needs, lifestyle, and budget details.

Patients local to Blenheim, Ontario, who are frustrated by hearing loss can contact our hearing clinics to schedule a hearing loss appointment today.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.