February 11, 2022


The Canadian Hearing Institute hearing clinic is a contemporary, up-to-date facility available to Belle River residents for the very latest developments and features in electronic hearing aids. The hearing aids provided are personally selected and customized for each patient, to meet the unique needs of that individual.

Beyond hearing clinic services

Our hearing clinic at the Canadian Hearing Institute, goes beyond offering the finest hearing aids and hearing aid repair. We are a complete hearing health care provider, dedicated to preserving lifelong hearing health with protective devices for swimming, and excess noise exposure. In addition, we can help you hear TV and audio systems more clearly with assistive listening devices or ALDS.

Frustrated with hearing loss?

We know that hearing loss frequently goes unnoticed and because it happens gradually, our Belle River clients are often suffering from hearing loss inadvertently. They may stop communicating and withdraw from family, friends and social situations without recognizing the problem is an inability to understand what others are saying.

To assess the extent of your hearing loss and overall hearing ability, we are happy provide complimentary hearing test evaluations at our hearing clinic, to residents of Belle River. Once your hearing has been fully evaluated, we will establish a suitable treatment plan which will fit well with your lifestyle, needs, and resources.

If you are local to Belle River and are experiencing hearing loss, please schedule your hearing test appointment at one of our hearing clinics today.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.