May 16, 2022


It is a matter of pride to us to provide professional hearing aid repair for clients in the Leamington area. Through witnessing the profound impact that hearing aids have on a patient’s independence, and interest in social involvement, we are dedicated to keeping clients hearing aids in the best possible condition.

Residents of Leamington and surrounding areas, can count on our helpful hearing aid repair technicians to keep your hearing aids operating well, to turn back the clock on your hearing.

What is the usual life span of a hearing aid?

The usual life expectancy of a hearing aid is three to five years, with proper care. The Canadian Hearing Institute has experienced hearing aid repair technicians with the skills to resolve a variety of maintenance issues and most technical problems. Typical repairs to your hearing aid can be accomplished in our hearing aid repair clinic in Chatham-Kent, where we can also perform minor, immediate service to your hearing aid.

Hearing aids made effortless for Leamington

With new hearing aid technologies being developed all the time, it can make choosing the best hearing aid for your needs a daunting process. We are happy to keep up with the latest advancements in hearing aid devices for you. When you schedule a complimentary, no-obligation hearing test with us, we can determine the current state of your hearing loss and establish which hearing devices will provide the best correction. Our expert hearing aid repair specialists will review the status of your hearing and suggest hearing aid options that will be the most beneficial.

If you live in or around Leamington, you can have the hearing aid assistance you need just by contacting our local hearing aid repair clinic today, to schedule your free hearing assessment.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.