May 16, 2022


When you visit the Canadian Hearing Institute, you will find a modern, full service hearing aid repair clinic, equipped to help Chatham-Kent clients retain the independence and interest in socializing that had returned when clients were first fitted with electronic hearing aids. Our hearing aid repair service can keep your hearing instrument in peak condition.

Chatham-Kent area individuals will experience the friendly care of our hearing aid repair specialists, dedicated to ensuring your hearing aids keep pace with your needs and lifestyle.

How long will my hearing aids last?

When you clean your device regularly and protect it from moisture, your hearing aid can have three to five year life expectancy. If your hearing aid requires additional servicing or repair, our experienced technicians at the Canadian Hearing Institute can solve most problems. Our hearing aid repair clinic in Chatham-Kent can accomplish the minor service that is typical for hearing aids, usually without delay.

Hearing aids can be easy for Chatham-Kent

When you come into our hearing aid repair clinic, you can trust us to be up-to-date with the latest hearing aid advancements, so you won’t need to learn all about new hearing aid technologies on your own. With a simple, complimentary, no-obligation hearing test we can establish the current state of your hearing loss. From that point, we can establish which hearing devices will provide the best correction for your hearing. You can count on our expert hearing specialists to review your hearing test results and plan a course of action, suggesting which hearing aid options are most suitable for you.

If you are a resident of Chatham-Kent, the hearing aid assistance or hearing aid repair you need may be just a phone call away. Please contact our local hearing aid clinic today, to book your free consultation.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.