May 16, 2022


Many seniors have restored their self-sufficiency and interest in socializing with the use of hearing aids. You can trust our hearing aid repair technicians to keep your hearing instruments in good condition.

Those who live in and around Belle River and wish to maintain the active lifestyle found with a hearing aid, will enjoy the careful attention of our friendly hearing aid repair specialists who help keep your hearing aids operating fully, to support your busy life.

What is the life expectancy of a hearing aid?

The typical lifespan of a hearing aid can be expected to be from three to five years with regular maintenance. When your hearing aid requires servicing and/or repairs, the hearing aid repair technicians at the Canadian Hearing Institute have the experience and knowledge to correct an assortment of technical problems. Most repairs to your hearing aid can be completed at our hearing aid repair clinic in Chatham-Kent. Frequently, you can wait on-site for just a short time while if we need to perform only minor service to your hearing aid.

Belle River’s easy hearing aid choices

To provide the best service to you, we keep up with the latest in hearing aid technologies so we can help you choose the best hearing aid for your needs. We make your choices easy. All you need is to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation hearing test with us. We can establish the current state of your hearing loss and determine which hearing devices will provide the best correction for you. For your benefit, our expert hearing aid repair specialists will review the status of your hearing loss and inform you of the best possible hearing aid options.

If you live in the Belle River vicinity, and are in need of hearing aid assistance, please contact our local hearing aid repair clinic to schedule your free consultation today.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.