March 22, 2024

Partnering with Phonak Hearing Aids, a leading supplier of top-tier hearing aids, the Canadian Hearing Institute extends its services to Highgate and neighbouring areas, delivering innovative hearing solutions to our clients.

Simplified Insights Into Phonak Hearing Aids

United by our commitment to excellence in auditory care, The Canadian Hearing Institute delivers comprehensive assistance to those dealing with hearing challenges. Our Highgate clients have expressed satisfaction with the top-notch performance of Phonak’s hearing aids, which we’ve installed on numerous occasions. If you’re experiencing hearing loss, reach out to us for a complimentary hearing test. We’ll assess and diagnose your condition before offering recommendations for the best course of action.

Various Phonak Hearing Aid Models

At The Canadian Hearing Institute, we comprehend the unique nature of each person’s hearing requirements. Our association with Phonak enables us to present a wide range of innovative hearing solutions to our Highgate customers, including Phonak’s complete line of innovative hearing aids:

Phonak Hearing Aids Types:

  • Receiver-In-Canal (RIC): Small and discreet hearing aids that are quickly fitted, perfect for first-time users.
  • Behind-The-Ear (BTE): The most common hearing aid style by Phonak globally, available in standard, mini, or power versions.
  • In-The-Ear (ITE): Custom Phonak hearing aid designed to fit within the outer ear.
  • In-The-Canal (ITC): Custom Phonak hearing aids that fit inside the ear canal, with only a small portion visible outside.
  • Completely-In-Canal (CIC): Only the tiny removal handle of the Phonak hearing aid is visible externally.
  • Invisible (IIC): Phonak hearing aids that discreetly rest in the second bend of the ear canal, remaining unseen.

Unwavering Assistance And Compassion On Your Hearing Journey

More than just delivering premium Phonak hearing aids to our Highgate clients, we are committed to providing you with unwavering hearing support and guidance as you navigate through your hearing journey.

Covering initial consultations and personalized fittings to follow-up care and maintenance, we consistently prioritize your comfort and satisfaction. We are also able to offer servicing and custom-fittings for your Phonak hearing aids as needed. If you reside in Highgate, reach out to us to book a complimentary hearing test or discuss your Phonak hearing aid needs today.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.