February 2, 2023

Serving residents of Wallaceburg, we provide accurate hearing tests used to diagnose the hearing loss you may be experiencing. Your hearing health is assessed with a hearing test which is the first step required towards helping you hear clearly again.

Communication can become very difficult for yourself, and for others around you, when you are struggling to hear. No matter your age, our audiometric hearing tests are an effective method used to evaluate your hearing.

If you are close to the Wallaceburg area, let us help you if:

  • You are beginning to suspect you have hearing loss
  • You have a family member suffering form hearing loss
  • You have a hard time hearing with other people are saying
  • You need assistance with your current hearing aids

More information about your hearing test

Open to residents of Wallaceburg, our painless hearing tests take place within a sound-proof room. From beginning to end our hearing tests take around 30 minutes to complete. We provide you with comfortable headphones during your hearing test while you listen to short tones relayed at various pitches and volumes.

As your hearing test progresses, our audiologists work to assess whether you can hear high-pitched or low-pitched sounds, quiet or loud sounds, or whether you’re showing signs of hearing loss in your left or right ear. We also have you listen to speech at different volumes through one ear at a time so we are able to accurately test your hearing.

Enjoy your FREE hearing test

At the Canadian Hearing Institute we work with our patients to ensure they have the best hearing possible. If you live in an around the Wallaceburg area and are beginning to suspect you or a family member have hearing loss, reach out to our friendly team today and schedule your free hearing test appointment.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.