February 28, 2023

Ready to diagnose any hearing loss that may be impacting your life, we provide hearing tests to residents of Wheatley. As the first step required in assessing your hearing health, a hearting test starts you on the path to hearing clearly again.

With difficulties hearing, communication for yourself can be hindered, along with communication with those around you. Our professional audiometric hearing tests are suitable for people of all ages and provide you with a complete evaluation of your hearing.

If you are in the Thamesville area, let us assist you if:

  • You suspect you’re experiencing hearing loss
  • You have a loved one dealing with hearing loss
  • Hearing others is becoming a struggle
  • Adjustments are needed to your current hearing aids

Getting ready for your hearing test

We provide our pain-free hearing tests to Thamesville residents, offering convenient testing in a sound-proof room. Running around 30 minutes, our hearing tests are an easy process for you from start to finish. We provide you with comfortable headphones to wear during your hearing test while you listen to short tones at varying volumes and pitches.

Determining if you can hear quiet or loud sounds as well as high-pitched or low-pitched sounds, our audiologists also test to see whether your left or right ear is experiencing hearing loss throughout your hearing test. We also have you listen to speech at various volumes during your hearing test, played to one ear at a time for accurate hearing test results.

Booking your FREE hearing test

At the Canadian Hearing Institute we always work hard to see our patients experience the best hearing outcomes. If you live in Thamesville and worry about potential hearing loss for you or a family member, our friendly team is ready to book your free hearing test appointment, contact us today.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.