February 28, 2023

Our hearing tests are offered to Pain Court residents in order to detect hearing loss you may be dealing with and to assess your overall hearing health. A hearing test is the first step towards restoring clear hearing and bringing back the sounds of life.

Having difficulty hearing impacts your communication with those individuals around you. With our in-depth audiometric hearing assessments we can provide a thorough and professional evaluation of your hearing, whether young or old.

If you live in Sombra or the surrounding area, let us help you if:

  • You suspect you may have hearing loss
  • A relative is showing signs of hearing loss
  • Hearing others is becoming a struggle
  • You are in need of assistance with your current hearing aids

Preparing for your hearing test

Provided to residents of Sombra, our painless hearing tests are always performed in a soundproof environment. Taking approximately 30 minutes from start to finish, our hearing tests are convenient for you. During your hearing test we provide comfortable headphones for you to wear as we relay brief tones at different volumes and pitches.

Our audiologists work throughout your hearing test to assess if you can hear quiet or loud sounds, high-pitched or low-pitched sounds, or whether you have hearing loss in your left or right ear. You will also be asked to listen to different volumes of speech, played into each ear one at a time so we can accurately test your hearing.

Time to book your FREE hearing test

At the Canadian Hearing Institute we want to see our patients experience the best hearing outcome. If you live in Sombra and are dealing with suspected hearing loss for you or a family member, connect with our friendly team and book your free hearing test appointment today.


Let's talk about your hearing aid options.