February 28, 2023

We offer in-depth hearing tests to Pain Court residents, helping diagnose the hearing loss you may be experiencing. A hearing test evaluates your hearing abilities and is a crucial step towards restoring clear hearing.

Hearing difficulties make communication challenging, not only for you but for the individuals around you. Our audiometric hearing tests offer a thorough and professional assessment of your hearing, suitable for people of all ages.

If you live in the Pain Court area, we are able to assist you if:

  • You suspect you’re experiencing hearing loss
  • A relative is dealing with hearing loss
  • It is becoming a struggle to hear others
  • You require adjustments to your existing hearing aids

Getting prepared for your hearing test

Residents of Pain Court have access to our comfortable, painless hearing tests conducted within a sound-proof room. Our hearing tests typically last about 30 minutes from start to finish. We provide you with comfortable headphones to wear during your hearing test as you listen to brief tones at varying volumes and pitches.

Throughout your hearing test, our audiologists work to discover whether you’re experiencing hearing loss in your left or right ear, or if you can hear high-pitched or low pitched sounds, as well as quiet or loud sounds. We will also have you listen to speech at different volumes, played into one ear at a time so we can provide an accurate hearing test.

Get ready for your FREE hearing test

At the Canadian Hearing Institute we strive to ensure all of our patients experience the best hearing outcome. If you are in Pain Court and are starting to deal with suspected hearing loss for you or a family member, reach out to our expert team and reserve your free hearing test appointment today.


Let's talk about your hearing aid options.