March 28, 2023

Helping improve hearing loss, we are dedicated to serving Wallaceburg residents. You are able to phone us at 519.352.1601 to book an in person hearing test at one of our locations, or you can try our online hearing test.

There are three primary classifications of hearing loss:

Conductive Hearing Loss – Blockages To Your Hearing

When there is a disruption between sound moving from the outer/middle ear to the inner ear, it can be defined as conductive hearing loss. We often find that this category of hearing loss is triggered by an obstruction in the ear canal such as ear wax of liquid, which keeps sound from reaching the ear drum. Our modern treatments for conductive hearing loss include: ear wax removal, medical treatments, and surgical treatments, provided to residents in Wallaceburg and performed in our modern hearing clinics.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Impacting Communication

Sensorineural hearing loss (or sensorineural deafness) often makes sounds unclear or difficult to hear and is the most common type of hearing loss. When you experience sensorineural hearing loss, you may find that conversations are distorted or that others seem to be mumbling. Sensorineural hearing loss can be caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise, or the natural aging process. Treatment for this type of hearing loss is often the use of hearing aids, which we can help you choose and install within our hearing clinics, found in Wallaceburg and beyond.

Different Types Of Hearing Loss

It may be possible that you have hearing loss impacting only one ear, or that you are losing certain sound frequencies, for example high or low frequency sounds. Whatever the nature of your hearing loss, we can assist you in taking the first step by booking a hearing test.

Expertly administering your hearing test, our hearing care technicians are fully trained in evaluating the results and providing in-depth analysis of your hearing loss and treatments options for you.

If you are local to Wallaceburg or the surrounding area – we can help! – go online to book your hearing test, or phone 519.352.1601 to book an in-person hearing test.

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