March 28, 2023

Working to improve hearing loss, we serve residents in Tilbury. You are able to access our online hearing test or you can book an in person hearing test at any one of our locations by phoning 519.352.1601.

Discover the three main categories of hearing loss:

Conductive Hearing Loss – Diagnoses and Treatment

When a disruption prevents sound from travelling from the outer/middle ear to the inner ear, it can be defined as conductive hearing loss. Many times caused by an obstruction, this type of hearing loss often is found when ear wax or liquid is built up and prevents sound from reaching the ear drum. We offer effective conductive hearing loss treatments within our our advanced hearing clinics including: ear wax removal, medical treatments, and surgical treatments all available to residents of Tilbury.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Most Prevalent

Sensorineural Hearing loss (or sensorineural deafness) is the most prevalent form of hearing loss. Making sounds difficult to hear or become indistinct, this type of hearing loss can make a deep impact on your life. It may seem as though others are mumbling, or that voices in conversation are distorted. Sensorineural hearing loss is often the result of the natural aging process or prolonged exposure to high levels of noise. We are often able to treat this type of hearing loss with hearing aids, expertly selected and installed at one of our hearing clinics, found in Tilbury and beyond.

Differing Hearing Loss Types

You may be experiencing the loss of particular sound frequencies, like high or low frequencies, or your hearing loss is localized to one ear only. No matter the type of hearing loss impacting you, it is key to take the first step in booking a hearing test.

Our fully trained hearing care technicians are on hand to expertly administer your hearing test, fully evaluating the results so you receive a detailed analysis of your hearing loss and treatment options.

We can help – whether you are in Tilbury or the surrounding area! – book your hearing test online, or schedule your in-person hearing test by phoning us at 519.352.1601.

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