May 4, 2023

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There exists three main definitions of hearing loss:

Diagnosing Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss is usually triggered when the sound’s path is disrupted between the outer/middle ear and the inner ear. An obstruction in the ear canal can also cause this type of hearing loss, as ear war or liquid prevents sound from getting to the ear drum. Among the many treatments for conductive hearing loss include: ear wax removal, medical treatments, and surgical treatments, which we offer to Thamesville residents within our advanced hearing clinics.

Disruptive Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Making sounds difficult to hear and unclear, sensorineural hearing loss (or sensorineural deafness) is the most commonly occurring type of hearing loss. When dealing with sensorineural hearing loss, conversations can be a struggle as it can make voices sound distorted. Though commonly caused by the natural aging process, sensorineural hearing loss is also caused by excessive exposure to noise. Hearing aids are often an effective method of treating this type of hearing loss, which we provide and install to you within our hearing clinics found near the Thamesville area.

Multiple Types Of Hearing Loss

Among common hearing loss complaints is the loss of high or low sound frequencies, or hearing loss targeting just one ear. The first step towards bringing sound back to your life is booking a hearing test, no matter the type of hearing loss you are experiencing.

Our team of expert hearing care technicians are fully trained, ready to administer your test and evaluate the results so you receive an accurate analysis and effective treatment options.

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