May 4, 2023

Our team is dedicated to serving Sombra residents by assisting with their hearing loss. You are welcome to try our online hearing test or you can phone us at 519.352.1601 to book an in person hearing test at any one of our locations.

There are three categories of hearing loss:

Conductive Hearing Loss Hindrance

Conductive hearing loss is a typical occurrence when the sound’s path is disrupted on its way from the outer/middle ear to the inner ear. You can also experience this type of hearing loss when there is an obstruction in the ear canal, such as ear wax or liquid, which stops sound from reaching the ear drum. We offer effective treatment for conductive hearing loss to residents of Sombra within our modern hearing clinics, including ear wax removal, medical treatments, and even surgical treatments.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss And Treatment Options

Sensorineural hearing loss (or sensorineural deafness) is the hearing loss most commonly experienced. When sensorineural hearing loss occurs, sounds start to become unclear or are hard to hear. Throughout conversations many complain of voices becoming distorted or sounding mumbled. Sensorineural hearing loss is often triggered by excessive exposure to noise, but it can also be experienced as part of the natural aging process. With this kind of hearing loss, treatment can include hearing aids, selected and installed within our hearing clinics near the Sombra area.

Other Hearing Loss Types

Regardless of the type of hearing loss you are experiencing, whether you’re losing high or low sound frequencies, or your hearing loss is localized to just one ear, your most important step will be to book your hearing test.

Our fully trained hearing care technicians are experts, able to deliver your test and provide an accurate analysis complete with treatment options.

We are ready to assist you, whether you’re in Sombra or the local area! – easily book your hearing test online or phone us at 519.352.1601 and book an in-person hearing test.

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