March 28, 2023

We work hard to assist Leamington residents by helping to improve hearing loss. We offer an online hearing tests as well as in person hearing tests, phone us at 519.352.1601 and book your hearing test at one of our locations.

Hearing loss is defined within three main categories:

Conductive Hearing Loss – Impacting Sound Paths

Conductive hearing loss is typically caused by a disruption of the sound travelling from the outer/middle ear to the inner ear. Often triggered by an obstruction, this type of hearing loss often presents as ear wax or liquid keeping sound from being able to reach the ear drum. We offer treatment for conductive hearing loss within our state of the art hearing clinics to residents of Leamington including: surgical treatments, medical treatments, and ear wax removal.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss – Common Diagnoses

The most prevalent type of hearing loss is sensorineural hearing loss (or sensorineural deafness). Making sounds difficult to detect or unclear, this type of hearing loss can cause issues in your day to day life as in conversation, sensorineural hearing loss can make speech sound garbled or mumbled. Sensorineural hearing loss can be the result of the natural aging process or even prolonged exposure to noise. Typically, hearing aids are used to treat this type of hearing loss, which can be selected and installed at our hearing clinics located near the Leamington area.

Diverse Types Of Hearing Loss

It is possible that you find yourself struggling with hearing loss in only one ear, or that you are experiencing the loss of sound frequencies, such as high or low frequency sounds. Regardless of the cause of your hearing loss, take the first step by booking your hearing test.

With in-depth training, our hearing care technicians are able to administer your hearing test, evaluate the results, and give you expert analysis of your hearing loss and treatment options.

If you live in Leamington or the surrounding area – let us help you! – your hearing test can be scheduled online, or you can phone us at 519.352.1601 to book an in-person hearing test.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.