June 5, 2023

We serve residents of Chatham-Kent, providing custom fit hearing aids to help improve your hearing health and bring back the sounds of life. If the extent of your hearing loss is still unknown to you, we suggest you scheduled a free hearing test with us, giving you a review of your hearing loss in detail to help us discover the ideal hearing devices for you.

Comfortable Custom Fit Hearing Aids

We provide the following types of hearing aids to residents of Chatham-Kent and beyond:

Hidden Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aids
Custom made, Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids are hearing aids that are molded to fit inside the ear canal, allowing the hearing aid to be almost invisible.

Small In-the-Canal Hearing Aids
Customized to fit in the ear canal, these hearing aids are small devices tailored to you. Similar to the ‘completely in the canal’ hearing aid options, this type of hearing aids are smaller in size.

Popular In-the-Ear Hearing Aids
Larger than the ‘in the canal’ hearing aid styles, these hearing aids are custom designed to fill the outer ear bowl.

Fitted Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids
Designed to fit behind the ear, behind the ear hearing aids provide comfort. Attached to a custom ear-mold, these hearing aids are most often provided to those experiencing extreme hearing loss.

Convenient Hearing Aid Repair Services

Regular maintenance to your hearing aid can help it last up to five or six years. If your hearing aids require service or repairs our Chatham-Kent hearing aid technicians are on hand to assist with any hearing aid issues promptly and professionally. Let our expert technicians work to keep your hearing aids performing at maximum efficiency.

Ask About Our Hearing Aid Services Today

If you are local to Chatham-Kent, Ontario, connect with our hearing aid clinic to review your hearing aid needs today. We can guide you through booking your FREE hearing test and come up with a suitable course of action in order to discover the ideal hearing aid options available to you in Chatham-Kent.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.