June 27, 2023

Let us bring back the wonderful sounds of life as we proudly serve residents of Belle River and provide custom fit hearing aids. We are skilled in assisting you to discover the extent of your hearing loss and can even schedule your free hearing test, giving us the opportunity to review your hearing loss in detail in order to find the ideal hearing devices for you.

Professional Custom Fit Hearing Aids

We offer a range of hearing aid types to residents of Belle River and beyond:

Well-Designed Completely-in-the-Canal Hearing Aids

With Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids they are custom made hearing aids specifically molded to fit inside the ear canal ensuring the hearing aid is almost invisible.

Convenient In-the-Canal Hearing Aids

Custom designed to fit directly into the ear canal, these hearing aids are made directly for you. Similar to the ‘completely in the canal’ hearing aid style, these hearing aids provide a smaller profile.

Efficient In-the-Ear Hearing Aids

Larger than ‘in the canal’ hearing aids, these hearing aids provide a custom fit within the outer ear bowl.

Practical Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

As they are fitted comfortably behind the ear, this style of hearing aid is attached to a custom ear-mold. With behind the ear hearing aids you have an option used to target extreme hearing loss.

Friendly Hearing Aid Repair Services

Your hearing aids can have a lifespan of up to five or six years provided they undergo regular maintenance. If you find your hearing aids are in need of servicing or repairs, our Belle River hearing aid technicians are on hand to ensure your hearing aid issues are promptly resolved. Our technicians are always ready to keep your hearing aids running efficiently.

Learn About Our Hearing Aid Services Today

Please connect with our hearing aid clinic to review your hearing aid needs in Belle River, Ontario today. We can assist you with booking your FREE hearing test and begin an effective course of action to move towards better hearing health and suitable hearing aid options available to you in Belle River.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.