September 26, 2023

A Rodney audiologist is able to work with you in order to recognize, assess, and manage hearing disorders that impact both the auditory and vestibular components of your ear. At the Canadian Hearing Institute, we are skilled in reviewing the overall extent of your hearing loss and providing you with hearing solutions that can bring sound back to your life. We also provide treatment options for the prevalent condition of Tinnitus and can provide referrals to an advanced audiologist in Rodney if required.

How You Can Schedule A FREE Consultation

Even if your daily life is impacted by hearing issues, regular testing provides you with an early warning system that helps get you treatment faster. A simple hearing test or ‘hearing evaluation’ is all that is required to determine the range of your hearing loss. We can help personalize a treatment plan just for you, and if your hearing loss is significant, we can refer you to the nearest Rodney area audiologist.

How We Can Treat Hearing Loss

Even without experiencing any hearing difficulties, regular hearing testing acts as an early warning beacon and can help put an early treatment plan into place before your hearing issues reach a critical level. A hearing test will be able to determine your level of hearing loss, and if any hearing loss is detected we can review your overall hearing health and put a simple treatment plan into place.

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If you live in the Rodney area and would like more information about your hearing loss, we welcome you to get in touch with our hearing clinic and get your free consultation with one of our expert hearing specialists scheduled today. This is the first step you take before addressing your hearing loss needs prior to making an appointment with a Rodney audiologist.

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