July 31, 2023

A Leamington audiologist is trained to recognize, assess, manage, and monitor hearing disorders that cause issues for both the auditory and vestibular components of your ear. With the Leamington area hearing institute, our emphasis is on the overall assessment of your entire hearing loss along with providing hearing solutions. We can also provide treatment for tinnitus and our team is ready to refer you to an advanced audiologist in Leamington if required.

How You Can Schedule A FREE Consultation

Even if you aren’t experiencing the effects of existing issues, regular testing can work as an early warning system which can assist with any treatment in the future. We utilize a simple test / hearing evaluation to determine the extend of your hearing loss which helps us customize a treatment plan. If you are experiencing significant hearing loss, we may refer you to the nearest audiologist in Leamington.

Hearing Loss Treatment Simplified

If you don’t find yourself experiencing hearing difficulties, undergoing regular hearing testing helps detect issues early, which assists with putting a treatment plan into place before your hearing loss causes any issues. With a hearing test we can determine your level of hearing loss, and if we discover hearing loss, we review your hearing health and put a simple treatment plan into place.

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If you are concerned about potential hearing loss and are local to Leamington, connect with our hearing clinic in order to schedule your free consultation with one of our knowledgeable hearing specialists. When addressing your hearing loss needs we recommend this as the first step prior to visiting a Leamington audiologist.

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