July 31, 2023

With help from a Chatham audiologist, they are able to recognize, assess, manage, and monitor hearing disorders that can impact the auditory and vestibular components of your ear. At the Chatham hearing institute, our team works with you on reviewing the extent of your hearing loss and providing hearing solutions to bring sounds back toy our life. Our team is also able to treat the main condition of tinnitus and can refer you to an advanced audiologist in the Chatham area as required.

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Regular testing can be used as an early warning system which can assist with future treatment, even if issues aren’t currently presenting themselves. The extent of your hearing loss can be determined with a simple test / hearing evaluation which can help with a personalized treatment plan. If we find your hearing loss is significant, we may suggest a referral to the nearest audiologist in Chatham.

Your Hearing Loss Treatment Plan

Regular hearing testing is a great early warning system even if you don’t feel you’re experiencing hearing difficulties, and it can help with early treatment before your hearing issues reach a critical level. The level of hearing loss is determined with a hearing test, and if hearing loss is found, your hearing health is reviewed in order to develop a customized treatment plan.

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If you are local to Chatham and may be experiencing hearing loss, we invite you to connect with our hearing clinic in order to schedule a free consultation with one of our knowledgeable hearing specialists. We recommend this as your first step in addressing your hearing loss needs before paying a visit to a Chatham area audiologist.

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