April 21, 2022


To perform a clinical evaluation of an individual’s hearing capability, an audiometric test may be conducted by an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist. An audiometric test can be carried out by either of these qualified experts.

The Canadian Hearing Institute has staff who are local to Wallaceburg, and have all the skills and training to perform an audiometric test, then evaluate the results and supply a complete outcome analysis. When your audiometric test results are known, our staff can suggest any hearing enhancement care needed, and recommend how often you should visit our local to Wallaceburg hearing clinic, for optimal hearing care.

Should I have an audiometric test?

The benefits of audiometric testing for Wallaceburg families, are diagnosis, detection, treatment, and monitoring of multiple conditions of the ear. You don’t need to believe that you’re a candidate for hearing aids for our audiology experts to provide you with an audiometric test. Routine audiometric tests are important for spotting problems early, and protecting your hearing in the future.

We often associate hearing loss with age, due to statistics that indicate more than 30 percent of people older than 65 live with some degree of deafness. A lesser recognized fact is that younger generations can also experience impaired hearing. Tumors, illness, loud noise and hereditary medical issues can all cause loss of hearing ability.

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