April 21, 2022


An audiometric test is a clinical evaluation of an individual’s hearing capability. An audiologist or hearing instrument specialist are qualified to perform an audiometric test.

At The Canadian Hearing Institute, our staff are local to Chatham-Kent, and are fully trained to deliver an audiometric test, evaluate the results, and provide you with a detailed analysis of your test results. Based on your audiometric test results, our staff will advise you as to the need of hearing enhancement care and how often you will be required to visit our hearing clinic (local to Chatham-Kent).

Why might I need an audiometric test?

An audiometric test is performed in order to identify, diagnose, treat, and monitor multiple conditions of the ear. Chatham-Kent families rely on audiometric testing, even if you don’t see yourself as a potential hearing aid user. Audiometric testing can protect your hearing by spotting hearing related problems early.

Age, infection, trauma and even excessive ear wax can impact your ability to hear. Age is the most common cause, with figures showing that by the age of 65 at least 30% of the population experience some sort of hearing impairment.

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