April 21, 2022


A clinical evaluation of an individual’s hearing capability is known as an audiometric test. This test is performed by qualified specialists such as an audiologist or hearing instrument specialist.

When you visit our clinic at The Canadian Hearing Institute for an audiometric test, you’ll find that our local to Blenheim staff  are fully trained to deliver the test and evaluate the results, to provide you with a detailed test analysis. Depending upon the outcome of your audiometric test, you will be advised by our staff of any hearing enhancement that could be beneficial to you, and whether routine visits to our local to Blenheim hearing clinic are recommended.

What are the benefits of audiometric testing?

Routine audiometric testing helps identify, diagnose, treat, and monitor multiple conditions of the ear for Blenheim families. Your hearing ability can be assessed by our audiometric testing and any hearing loss determined. Early detection with an audiometric test, can help you protect your hearing by spotting problems while they are treatable.

Medical statistics estimate hearing loss affecting over 30% of the population between the ages of 65 and 75. With that number increasing to 50% of the population older than 75, it is easy to see the importance of audiometric testing.

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