January 8, 2022


A health-care professional who Wallaceburg area residents frequently rely upon, is an audiologist. An audiologist specializes in disorders of the auditory and vestibular portions of the ear and can identify, diagnose, treat, and monitor multiple conditions of the ear. Tinnitus is one of the typical hearing issues that these audiology professionals are trained to diagnose and treat. After an audiology specialist has assessed the overall health of your ears, they may then recommend, dispense, and manage hearing rehabilitation treatments to improve hearing disorders.

Families frequently seek the help of audiology professionals when faced with a new diagnosis in either adults or infants, or for adults who have become deaf after childhood and need to develop coping and compensation skills.

We encourage you to visit a Wallaceburg area Audiology expert

Don’t hesitate to consult with an audiologist near Wallaceburg, even if you don’t expect to need a hearing aid. The benefits of routine hearing screenings are early detection of problems to protect your future hearing. To determine the extent of your hearing ability our audiology experts are happy provide you with a hearing test. If hearing loss is found when your hearing is evaluated, we will then establish a suitable treatment plan, or refer severe cases to a Wallaceburg area audiologist.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

A hearing aid specialist and an audiologist are not identical. Hearing aid specialists (also referred to as hearing instrument specialists) are able to determine the most appropriate hearing aid device for each person based on their level of hearing impairment and lifestyle. Even though hearing loss is encountered most often in the elderly, young people can also encounter hearing problems due to medical conditions or outside factors like excessive exposure to high volume noise.

Estimates indicate that over 30 percent of individuals over the age of 65 are affected by hearing loss. This number increases to over 50 percent of individuals over the age of 75. These people will benefit most from a consultation with a hearing aid specialist.

Hearing instrument specialists are waiting to hear from you

Young and old alike are encouraged to contact our talented hearing instrument specialists local to Wallaceburg. Our clinic is ready to discuss the hearing problems of yourself, or your loved one and to begin a treatment plan soon.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.