January 8, 2022


There is a health-care professional, utilized by the residents of Tilbury to identify, diagnose, treat, and monitor disorders of the ear, known as an Audiologist. An audiology professional, this specialist can often alleviate disorders of the auditory and vestibular portions of the ear. Among the range of hearing issues that audiology professionals are trained to diagnose and treat, is Tinnitus. When the overall health of the ear has been assessed, an audiology expert will, where possible, dispense, manage, and rehabilitate hearing conditions.

An audiology professional can provide more than a diagnosis for an adult or child. He or she can counsel families, and provide coping and adjustment suggestions for the family and the patient.

Why should I visit an Audiology expert local to Tilbury?

You don’t need to see yourself as a candidate for hearing aids, to consult with a Tilbury area audiologist. The benefits of routine hearing screenings are in spotting problems early, and protecting your future hearing. A hearing test by our audiology experts can establish the extent of your hearing ability, or the degree of any hearing loss. If your hearing is evaluated and found to require treatment, we will either establish a plan for your care, or refer you to a recommended audiologist, local to Tilbury, for further examination.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

An audiologist and a hearing aid specialist are not the same. Hearing aid or hearing instrument specialists facilitate the evaluation of hearing ability, as well as choose the best hearing aid for each individual. Hearing problems do occur more frequently as we age, but are not exclusive to the elderly. Statistics show that 30% of those over the age of 65, and 50% of those over the age of 75 experience hearing loss.

Young people can also experience deafness through medical conditions such as a ruptured ear drum, tumors or infections. Non-medical conditions can also affect hearing ability, such as long-term or frequent exposure to loud noise.

Hearing instrument specialists are waiting to see you now

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