January 8, 2022


To identify, diagnose, treat, and monitor multiple conditions of the ear, Leamington residents frequently rely on an Audiologist. This health-care professional specializes in disorders of the auditory and vestibular portions of the ear. Audiology professionals are typically trained to diagnose and treat Tinnitus and a range of other hearing issues. An audiology expert will typically dispense, manage, and rehabilitate hearing where possible, after assessing overall auditory health.

A new diagnosis for an adult or infant may cause families to seek counsel from an audiology professional, who can offer coping and compensation skills, even for adults deafened later in life.

Why book an appointment with a local to Leamington Audiology expert?

The benefits of consulting with an audiologist in the Leamington area for routine hearing screenings are in spotting problems early, and protecting your hearing in the future. You don’t need to believe that you’re a candidate for hearing aids for our audiology experts to provide you with a hearing test. We are happy to determine the extent of your hearing ability, or the extent of your hearing loss. Upon completion of your hearing evaluation, if hearing loss is found, we will establish a suitable treatment plan, or refer you to a Leamington area audiologist for further analysis.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

What is the difference between a hearing aid specialist and an audiologist? A hearing aid specialist evaluates the stage of hearing impairment you are experiencing and works with you to choose the best hearing aid. Most often we associate hearing loss with age, with statistics supporting this, showing more than 30 percent of people older than 65 live with some degree of deafness.

A lesser recognized fact is that younger generations can also experience impaired hearing. Tumors, illness, loud noise and hereditary medical issues can all be causes for loss of hearing ability. A hearing aid specialist will always find the best option for your specific condition, to improve your quality of life.

Book a consultation with our hearing instrument specialists

Hearing instrument specialists in our clinics, local to Leamington, are prepared to speak with you today. The professionals in our office will schedule an appointment with you and can begin the process of evaluation and treatment without delay.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.