January 8, 2022


An audiologist is a health-care professional who specializes in disorders of the auditory and vestibular portions of the ear. This audiology professional can identify, diagnose, treat, and monitor multiple conditions of the ear. Blenheim area audiology professionals include Tinnitus in the range of typical hearing issues that they are trained to diagnose and alleviate where possible. After assessing the overall health of the ear, an audiology expert will typically dispense, manage, and rehabilitate hearing difficulties where possible.

Frequently, families rely on audiology professionals for counsel through a new diagnosis in either adults or infants, and for help with coping and compensation skills for adults who have become deaf after childhood.

Why book an appointment with an Audiology expert near Blenheim?

It can be beneficial to consult with a Blenheim area audiologist, even if you don’t see yourself as a potential hearing aid user. Regular hearing screenings can protect your hearing by spotting problems early. Our audiology experts are happy provide you with a hearing test to determine the extent of your hearing ability and any hearing loss. When your hearing has been evaluated, we can establish a proper treatment plan and refer you to a recommended local to Blenheim audiologist, in more severe cases.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

Our hearing aid specialist, or hearing instrument specialist, is a professional who can assess both young and old patients experiencing hearing difficulty. A hearing aid specialist is not the same as an audiologist; hearing aid specialists concentrate on patient evaluation and selecting the hearing aid device that will be most beneficial.

Age, infection, trauma and even excessive ear wax can impact your ability to hear. Age is the most common cause, with figures showing that by the age of 65 at least 30% of the population experience some sort of impairment.

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