January 8, 2022


When Belle River area residents need an audiology specialist for the identification, diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of disorders of the auditory and vestibular portions of the ear, they look to an Audiologist. This health-care professional is trained to care for a range of hearing conditions such as Tinnitus. After the overall health of the ear has been assessed, an audiology expert will typically dispense, manage, and rehabilitate hearing conditions where feasible.

The role of an audiology professional extends beyond providing a diagnosis for an adult or infant. Families frequently seek counsel from an audiology specialist for coping and adjustment suggestions, especially for late deafened adults.

Reasons to see an Audiology expert – Belle River

By consulting with an audiologist local to Belle River, and having routine hearing screenings, you may protect your future hearing by spotting problems early. The extent of your hearing ability, or the degree of any hearing loss can be established through a hearing test administered by our audiology experts. Should your hearing evaluation indicate that treatment is required, we will then establish the proper hearing care plan or refer you to a Belle River area audiologist for additional treatment.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

Audiologists are not hearing aid specialists. Hearing aid specialists, or hearing instrument specialists, are experts at evaluating patients experiencing deafness and selecting the most suitable device for them. We are very familiar with hearing problems in the elderly, and data shows that over age 75 more than half the population is hearing challenged.

It is less recognized, but young people also can encounter impaired hearing through medical conditions or damage to the ear. A hearing aid specialist can help patients of all ages lead a more independent life.

Hearing instrument specialists – ready to help you

Residents of Belle River can be confident in their decision to reach out to one of our talented hearing instrument specialists. Whether it be for you or a loved one, our professional staff is ready to schedule your appointment.

Let's talk about your hearing aid options.