October 13, 2022


Local to Ridgetown audiologists, are skilled in the detection of a range of hearing problems, including the common complaint of ringing or buzzing in the ears, known as Tinnitus. They are able to care for the entire ear, and are able to manage or rehabilitate the problem in many cases.

In instances of a new or worsening audiology diagnosis, the professionals local to Ridgetown are able to guide friends and family through the changes and provide a wealth of information to help in the adjustment.

Reasons to see an audiologist – Ridgetown

Screening for hearing loss can be done by audiology professionals in the Ridgetown area. Regular testing can be performed to examine the changes to your hearing over time, and if your condition worsens, they can refer you to the nearest to Ridgetown audiologist. They will create a care plan designed to ease you through the changes in your ear health, and can determine if you are a candidate for a hearing aid.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

Ridgetown area hearing aid specialists facilitate the evaluation of hearing ability, as well as choose the best hearing aid for each individual; an audiologist and a hearing aid specialist are not the same. Hearing problems do occur more frequently as we age, but are not exclusive to the elderly. Statistics show that 30% of those over the age of 65, and 50% of those over the age of 75 experience hearing loss.

Young people can also experience deafness through medical conditions such as a ruptured ear drum, tumors or infections. Non-medical conditions can also affect hearing ability, such as long-term or frequent exposure to loud noise.

Hearing aid specialists local to Ridgetown are waiting to see you now

Hearing aid specialists local to the Ridgetown area are waiting to schedule an appointment with you right away. Please get in touch with our clinic and we can begin helping you with whatever hearing loss you are experiencing.

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