October 13, 2022


Audiologists are expert healthcare professionals trained to determine the health of your ears. Their skills include the diagnosis, treatment and repair of auditory ailments. Hearing loss affects many people in the Blenheim area, and is not exclusively a problem related to aging.

A Blenheim area audiology expert can also provide valuable skills to those recently experiencing trouble hearing, and in many cases rehabilitation is a good option.

Why should I visit an Audiologist local to Blenheim?

Determining if you are a candidate for a hearing aid is not always a decision you can make on your own. The audiologists local to Blenheim will evaluate the level of your hearing loss and develop a tailored treatment plan for you. Audiology experts can monitor your hearing over a period of time, and refer you to a Blenheim area audiologist if your condition worsens.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

Estimates advise us that over 30 percent of individuals over the age of 65 are affected by hearing loss. This number increases to over 50 percent of individuals over the age of 75. These people will benefit most from a consultation with a hearing aid specialist.

A hearing aid specialist and an audiologist are not identical. Hearing aid specialists local to Blenheim are able to determine the most appropriate hearing aid device for each person based on their level of hearing impairment and lifestyle. Even though hearing loss is encountered most often in the elderly, young people can also encounter hearing problems due to medical conditions or outside factors like excessive exposure to high volume noise.

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