October 13, 2022


Do you ever hear a buzzing or ringing sound in your ears? This could be a condition known as Tinnitus. Audiologists, local to Belle River, are trained to diagnose your concern and create a treatment plan specifically tailored to you. They can minister treatment, manage your condition and rehabilitate whenever possible.

As hearing concerns are often an ongoing health problem, and don’t always begin with old age, an audiologist nearest to Belle River will work with you to assess the overall health of your ears as you move through life. They can help you prepare for changes and offer helpful coping mechanisms for you and your loved ones.

Why book an appointment with a local to Belle River audiologist?

You may wonder why you should see an audiology professional, local to Belle River, as opposed to your regular family doctor. An audiologist specializes in the health of your ears, and can better diagnose the level of hearing loss you are experiencing. Simple evaluations can dictate the best treatment plan for you, and monitor changes as you go through life. If a hearing aid is required, your Belle River area audiologist can provide the best everyday options for you.

What is a hearing aid specialist?

What is the difference between a hearing aid specialist and an audiologist? A hearing aid specialist evaluates the stage of hearing impairment you are experiencing and works with you to choose the best hearing aid. Most often we associate hearing loss with age, with statistics supporting this, showing more than 30 percent of people older than 65 live with some degree of deafness.

A lesser recognized fact is that younger generations can also experience impaired hearing. Tumors, illness, loud noise and hereditary medical issues can all be causes for loss of hearing ability. A hearing aid specialist, local to Belle River, will always find the best option for your specific condition, and improve your quality of life.

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